Già dai tempi dei Traci, il commercio principale della regione era costituito da viti e vini, le cui ricette sono passate da padre in figlio, di generazione in generazione... A questo mi sono ispirato. Edoardo Miroglio
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar


Farm dinner with Bacchus

20th September at 19:00 at ShowHow restaurant, Sofia

Tina and Kevin beganto come to holidays in Bulgaria 9 years ago and they very much likedit. Despite the promising career and the comfortable life, which have in the UK theydecide to start from scratchand indulge in a clean, happy, human existence one step away from nature. And they make this step every day - in their own Cottage Farm in Alino, 45 km from Sofia.
The experience gathered from around the world and with great zeal, they restored Bulgarian farm "like once upon a time", but with theEnglish flavor and furniture, and the cultuvationarea is large, fertile and well organized. The new farmers grow completely organic and the animals are left in wide placesto grow up happy and healthy, with no hormones or antibiotics ....
And as they say, if we do not go to the farm, the farm will come to us. So, on
20thSeptember we have invited Tina and Kevin to host a different dinner in which you will feel the spirit of their "Farm Cuisine." They make everything with so much desire, care and confidence that every bite from the menu brings real value.



Пушена пъстърва и мус от хрян, сервиран върху кростини.
Smoked trout and horseradish mousse served on crostini.

Поднесено с Еленово Шардоне 2013


Served with Elenovo Chardonnay 2013






Салата от мариновани кореноплодни зеленчуци.


A salad of pickled root vegetables.




Поднесено с ЕМ Розе Де Ноар 2015


Served with EM Rose de Noir 2015




Основно/Main course


Задушено свинско коремче сервирано с пюре от целина и задушени зеленчуци.


Braised pork belly served with celeriac puree and braised buttered greens.




Поднесено с Еленово Каберне Совиьон 2011


Served with Elenovo Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Портокалово парфе от козе сирене.
Orange goats cheese parfait

Сервира се с/
Served with Whiskey Grant's Family Reserve

Price per person: 60 BGN

For bookings:
+359 2 4615 464



Address for the dinner: Levski, 101 Stanislav Dospevski, 2nd floor, demo restaurant ShowHow, Tomeko company


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