Già dai tempi dei Traci, il commercio principale della regione era costituito da viti e vini, le cui ricette sono passate da padre in figlio, di generazione in generazione... A questo mi sono ispirato. Edoardo Miroglio
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar


Gold Medal for EM Muscat

Muscats du Monde 2015

The 15th edition of the Muscats du Monde® international competition organised by Forum Oenologie, was held on July 1-2, 2015 in the city of Frontignan-la-Peyrade (Languedoc-Roussillon, France).

Muscats du Monde® 2015 brought together 23 countries, making this competition one of the world’s top events for Muscat wines. Over the course of two days, international experts tasted 209 still and sparkling Muscat wines. Strict quality standards and optimal tasting conditions enabled the judges to award 69 medals (24 Gold, 45 Silver) that are recognised as a reliable criterion for selection.

The Top 10 ranking honor nine countries: South Africa, Australia, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Turkey. .

We are happy and proud that our EM Muscat Ottonel is one of them!


The wine has won golden medal on the world-wide competition Muscats du Mondein France.
„Мускат ЕМ“ made by Edoardo Miroglio is second in top 10 of the world. Another golden medal for the wine of the cellar of Edoardo Miroglio in a wolrd-wide competition. This achievement is taking Bulgaria up to the front lines of the world winery production. Now “Muscat EM” from year 2014 is second of top 10 in best Muscats of the world. This happened for the 15th time in the international competition Muscats du Monde 2015, in the southern town of France-Frontinian- in the heart of the Langedok-Rusion region, famous for its best Muscat. The event took place in historical part of the house of Volter, this was seemingly the desire of the host to underline the connection between  philosophy and the incomparable scents of the Muscat.

 In this town in the beginning of July, 209 excellent Muscat wines from 23 countries competed to win the prize “Best Muscat Wine”. Amongst the competitors are the nine top countries in this class of wine-Muscats do Monde .  This event is unique because more than 55 international wine experts evaluated the wines. Of those 55% were  foreign judges and the final results were shown and calculated by a computer so that the human factor is removed. And of course the ISO 9002 for quality was strictly kept during the whole duration of the degustations.

“We believe that these results are going to open the doors of inner and outer market shares, because this prize is the best parameter and the top criteria for selection of our wine. “Muskats EM“ is one of the best wines of the cellar. It has won many golden medals, has excellent characteristics and has the perfect balance between price and quality. These trades make the wine amongst the best-sellers  in this class.

It’s worth mentioning that 2015 is a very good year for the cellar “Eduardo Mirolio” and its winnings take in the top 10 of the world in quality wine production. In March the cellar was awarded the prize “Cellar of the year”- the biggest award on a national level on the international wine exhibition “Vinaria 2015”. In May “ The big trophy” award was given to the cellar on the International Balkan wine competition-the sparkling wine “Brut 2010”.  And now the award in July has set it in second place in the world for best Muscat.


Muscat otonel

Colour:  Sparkling straw yellow with light green tones
Scent или Aroma: Explosive aroma of muscat, lychee, orange slices and gentle white flowers.
Flavour: Well balanced  and gentle flavor with honey tones on an exotic background. It has long and delightful ending.
Aging:  In stainless steel barrels.
Perfect for: Fish dishes, white meats, pasta and pizza with sea foods and yellow unaged cheeses.

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