Grape-growing and wine-making have been traditional for the region ever since Thracian times. Many ancient authors have praised the Thracian wine, and the recipe has been passed from father to son for generations... This is what I was inspired by! Edoardo Miroglio
Mavrud & Rubin

Mavrud & Rubin

Mavrud and Rubin

Intense and vivid ruby colour.

Complex and fresh fruity nose with red fruit nuances: blackcurrant, cherry and blackberry, elegantly balanced with the oak. Distinctive typical aromas of the indigenous grape varieties.

The taste is elegant and well balanced. Rich fruity flavour, well balanced acidity and tannins.

6 months aging in botti (French oak, 33 hl capacity) and Bulgarian oak barrels (500 l).

Serving suggestion:
Pasta, pizza, red meat dishes, barbeque and yellow cheese.

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