Grape-growing and wine-making have been traditional for the region ever since Thracian times. Many ancient authors have praised the Thracian wine, and the recipe has been passed from father to son for generations... This is what I was inspired by! Edoardo Miroglio
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar
Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar


World famous travel blogger visited Edoardo Miroglio winery

Lesley Carter on her trip in Bulgaria

Edoardo Miroglio wine cellar is proud to announce that one of the most famous travel bloggers in the world – Mrs. Lesley Carter from the USA visited the wine cellar in Elenovo during the 6-day visit to Bulgaria in the middle of May as a part of the invitation of a tour operator from Sliven and with the support of the winery. The visit took place in days 5 and 6 of the trip. We warmly met the guests in our boutique restaurant in Soli Invicto hotel with a 3-course menu including a fresh green salad and Soli Invicto wine spirit, chicken with spinach and pine nuts and one of our best white wines – Edoardo Miroglio Chardonnay 2015 and as a dessert we served our original recipe Italian tiramisu accompanied with the unique green walnut liqueur. Obviously this was the best end of the tiring and full with experiences day 5 of the trip.

On the next day during the continental breakfast the director of the winery Mr. Alberto La Rosa greeted the guests and explained the story of the winery – the unique design, the vineyards, the targeted markets and the wine tourism which we offer. The obligatory tour of the winery took place after and the director showed and explained the specifics of the production - the types of wines, the wine spirits and the sparkling wine. In the end, we offered a tasting directly from the barrels which is a big attraction for every guest.

After that we moved on to the wine tasting hall where we showed the wide variety and quantity of medals, rhytons and diplomas, as well as the special hand-painted bottles and the sophisticated environment urging for wine tastings.

The director continued with a tasting of hand-picked wines. First, the sparkling wine Edoardo Miroglio BRUT was tasted with which we are very happy and motivated to be unique and very much adored by our customers. After that the tasting continued with the organic (bio) wines with which we are very proud of - Viognier & Traminer, Mavrud & Rubin and Rose Bouquet & Mavrud. The wine tasting for the blogger finished with Edoardo Miroglio Pinot Noir which is an exclusive wine.

After the visit to Bulgaria the blogger Lesley Carter is going to write articles and share the emotions of the different experiences in all social networks for which we shall inform you accordingly.

You could also taste our high quality wines by visiting our winery. Look how here -

You could buy online from our e-shop all our wines, wine spirit and liqueur and now we point your attention to the foregoing tasted ones with links:

Wine spirit Soli Invicto -

Edoardo Miroglio Chardonnay -

Green Walnut liqueur -

Sparkling wineEdoardo Miroglio BRUT -

Bio wineViognier & Traminer -

Bio wine Mavrud & Rubin -

Bio wine Rose Bouquet & Mavrud-

Edoardo MiroglioPinot Noir -

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